News: Google’s Keyword Tool

Google’s Keyword Tool

In this article I am going to take a look at the Google keyword tool, which is one of many keyword tool programs that you can use to find your keywords.

What Google Keyword Tool does is pick up different keyword phrases that people commonly search for. It will do it on a global basis. There are global monthly searches, local monthly searches, and it also shows the search trends. It shows the number of times people have typed in a specific keyword phrase in Google's Search Engines. It has nothing to do with Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engines. These will provide good guidelines as to what people are looking for. 

Remember this tool really is put together for people to use for Google AdWords, which is Google's pay per click service. This is set up to show how much competition there is for particular keyword phrases so you know whether or not if you want to use them and how much you would have to pay to use them.

There are many other features you can use on this page. I don't think that it is necessary for you to know all of these things, but if you want to learn more about these features then you can go over to the help link and you can look at all of the different features. You can read about these things as much as you want and refine what you are doing with keywords. Most of what is going to determine what your keywords is what your business is about. There may not be many people searching for the keyword phrases you choose, but if they focus in and target your business really well then you are going to want to use them. If there are small numbers of people looking for the keyword phrases that you  use, then there is a greater chance that they will find you and hopefully be interested in buying your product. 

Using Google Keyword Search is just a general guide, but it is very helpful.  There are other websites and programs you can use to do similar research. You don't want to be concerned with finding the perfect keywords. You can spend a lot of time doing this and it might not be the best use of your time. Some people and companies take this process to a real extreme but I think that it is more important to make sure that your keywords describe your business accurately, than to get the most popular keywords. 

What you are concerned with is turning traffic into business. You can use keywords that are used in a lot of searches, but if they don't focus in on what your business is then you get traffic to your website but they are not people who are interested in your product. By getting a smaller number of people to your website using more targeted keywords you will have a much better chance of converting them into a paying customer since they will probably be more interested in your product. 

Tom Aikins is an SEO consultant and online marketing expert based in Bangkok who presents seminars on these subjects and also offers a complete online marketing training course on his website, You can ask questions of him by contacting

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